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My canoe is a Superior Expedition decked canoe, build by, it is a improved  Kruger deep dish sea wind canoe, that I want to sail with.

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Thanks for joining the forum.
I Just got back in from a sail on the Susquehanna River in PA.
 Our sail kits work very well on the Kruger type canoes. I paddled with Jim Neal last winter in the keys. He has a Superior Ex. I also have worked with the watertribe and many sailors are quite happy with  BSD .I would recommend our 36 HP sail rig. You can browse my website at SailYourKayak  to check out more details and see a couple videos. Call or email from the site if you are looking for more info or are ready to make a purchase. We have this kit in stock.

Grn_Mtns Schooner rigged 18'6" Easy Rider Eskimo Catamaran. 17' Folbot Greenland 2 Schooner

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I have a Grumman 17 which I have outfitted with a Sherpa 42.5sf lug sail, made my own thwarts(oak), using a Grumman rudder system with single line steering, single leeboard(although I have two), in the process of ordering a BOSS system.  I attempted to build my own amas from foam, shaped and fiberglassed.  They turned out to be too heavy.  However, during my sea trials in 6mph winds and light chop, I was able to achieve 4.2mph on a broad reach.  Considering the amas issue I was pleased with her performance.  I also realized I don't need two leeboards, raising one leeboard I gained about .3mph in these conditions.  I'm certain the BOSS system will enhance performance.
I am considering adding a mizzen of 16.4sf but maybe not?  This would complicate the rigging.  The objective of this rig was to keep it simple.
I used a clamp-on system for the leeboard thwart if I needed to adjust the position for balance.  Currently it's about 2" from the center of the boat, no issues with weather/lee helm in light air conditions.  So I'll continue to use the clamp-on system until I'm sure of the leeboard positioning.
I chose the Grumman 17 for it's classic lines, durability and stiff hull.  Plastic canoes flex in varying degrees, depending on hull design. This can make mounting things difficult and prone to failure.  Aluminum is solid.  The weight of my G17 is about 74lbs, so car topping is not an option.  So I trailer, but I'm 66 so this is fine.  The only modifications I've made to the factory design is to replace factory thwarts with the leeboard and mast thwarts and installed a mast step(laminated oak, marineTex's to the hull).  There are a few extra holes in the railing, but otherwise she is stock, and can be used for sailing or paddling.  I positioned the mast about 6" aft of the factory front seat, removed the aft thwart to provide a larger cockpit area to accommodate my folding beach style chair.  Very comfortable and easily moved for balance.  I also used 3/4" shop matting from Lowes in the floor of the aft cockpit area.  Easy on your knees and keeps the chair in place.
I'm planning to be at the FL120 next month…John
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