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We just received this info about a Sports Pal

You mentioned that you know all of the good places for sailing a small boat in Florida.  I was wondering how I might find that out?  Do you have a blog where you mention the places where you are inFlorida?

Secondly, regarding the sail.  On the canoe that I have, there is a fitting for the mast at the very bow of the boat already installed.  Should I seperate the mast from the outrigger and cross piece, by putting the mast and sail at the bow and the cross piece with amas further back, say in front of the first seat?

Or, should I just install thewhole thing just in front of the first seat, that is, mast and sail and amas alltogether,the way it was made?

Also, when you say that you like to step the mast at a rakish angle, that means that the mast will not sit in the foot completely snugly, I believe, because of the angle.  Is that OK?

thanks Joe M


Grn_Mtns Schooner rigged 18'6" Easy Rider Eskimo Catamaran. 17' Folbot Greenland 2 Schooner

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Thanks, john for posting that. Glad to be on the forum and to be getting that canoe sailing!
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